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This shoot will always have a very special place in my heart. I reached out to Jeanette with Picture This Forever Photography in early July because I really needed some “hands on” photos of myself for my website and portfolio. I honestly could not have chosen anyone better to photograph this shoot. Jeanette’s demeanor made me feel comfortable, like I have known her my entire life!

This was going to be the first time that I actually made an installation for myself, so I had to get some of my favorite blooms, which include Quicksand Roses and O’Hara Garden Roses. The fragrance of these flowers is always amazing, but the way they bloom is something I enjoyed, even more because I would get to enjoy them for longer than the usual. It made me even more excited knowing that they were all for me! I wanted to create something amazing, unique, organic, and feminine, so I decided to build this floating installation. I love challenging myself with installations and this one in particular was extra challenging. I wanted to create something that would give off the look of it floating in air, so with the right mechanics, this piece was created. It started turning and twisting on me, but we managed to make it stay in place after adding a little more greenery. Flowering is beautiful, but it is not always easy.

Here is the outcome of the shoot: